Crossy Road Castle: Three reasons why you may enjoy this tower climbing adventure


One of the cool things about Crossy Road Castle is how unpredictable it is. There are tons and tons of rooms just waiting to be gone through. Each room will present its own set of traps and obstacles for you to go through as you play. There’s no time limit, so you’ll have the chance to take your time going through each room (there are some that won’t let you take your time though….).

The prospect of not knowing what to expect is always fun and intriguing. This is done quite well in Crossy Road Castle. Now, as mentioned, you’ll probably start getting familiar with many of the rooms after playing several times but that’s just a benefit for you. That’s because your runs will be smooth sailing until you reach a room you’ve never seen before.

Also, the folks at Hipster Whale are always looking into adding new castles to the mix. Like right now, you have the Unihorse Castle which is the starting one and now you have the Construction Tower there too as well as the new Creepy Carnival tower that was just added recently. In short, there are plenty of floors and plenty of surprises awaiting.

The Game Feels Rewarding

Crossy Road Castle features no micro-transactions of any kind in the game. The only way to earn prizes is by doing some good old fashion grinding out. Among rewards, you can unlock include new hats for your character and new characters entirely. Also, you can unlock the Creepy Carnival by completing 100 floors.

Even for little things like hats, it feels rewarding to earn them. It takes a while to collect coins and tokens throughout your playthroughs. Coins are easier to get, and you can use these on a dispenser that will reward you with a random hat. I unlocked the Reporter hat for Unihorse and needless to say, it makes my character feel all journalistic (future Pocket Gamer writer?). 

It will take you 1000 coins to make hat purchases. As for tokens, these little purple currencies give you the chance to use the dispenser that rewards you with a new, quirky character. These take more time to gather since there aren’t as many available in the world. 100 tokens let you score your new tower climbing warrior.  

Multiplayer Action

Crossy Road Castle is one of those games that you can enjoy as much in single-player as you can in multiplayer. In fact, the game is perfect for multiplayer and it can get pretty chaotic. You can play with up to four players as you all climb the castle together.

This could lead to plenty of hilarious moments as everyone tries to survive for as long as they can. It’s really one of the Apple Arcade’s better multiplayer experiences and they have quite a few of them. It’s fun seeing other players’ characters and their hats.

It’s almost like going on a wild, castle adventure with some friends. So if you’re into multiplayer, you might appreciate online play in Crossy Road Castle.

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