Crossy Road Castle: Basic tips for your angelic ascent to the top of the tower

Choose a control scheme that’s right for you

Right off the bat, the first thing you’ll notice when you fire up Crossy Road Castle is that it will ask you what kind of control you want to use. You can either use your iPhone’s touch screen, or you can connect a controller and play that way. 

Think about which one you want to choose. Feel free to test out both in the earlier rooms of the castle to see which one fits you best. And even if you don’t own a controller for your phone, there are several that are available if you feel it will be useful. 

With mobile games becoming bigger and better than ever, they are more controller friendly now. And that certainly includes in Crossy Road Castle. This is mostly just a preference related thing, but it can help your performance if you find one control setup more comfortable than the other.

Be very cautious

This is something that is pretty obvious but don’t get too reckless on your journey to the top. You only have three lives to work with and it’s going to take several rooms before you find a checkpoint. These checkpoints allow you to spend coins on a heart if you lost one or two. 

If you lose all three lives, then you need to start over again from the bottom. Watch for things like enemies and traps such as spikes. The baddies can be killed by jumping on them, but if you mistime your jump, then you may accidentally bump into one which will eliminate a heart and start you over in the beginning of the room. 

It’s easy to get frantic and become extra eager to get to the next room. We are pretty impatient creatures after all, aren’t we? That said, try not to let franticness take over all of the time when you play. Take your time and make the right jumps. Yes, you have three lives, but you probably don’t want to reach a higher room with only one life, am I right? 

Play some online matches

This is just a tip for fun, and that’s to make sure to get in a few online matches when you get the chance. One of the things that Crossy Road Castle does encourage is multiplayer action. Up to four players will be able to tackle each of the levels together.

The rooms are randomly generated so you never know what you’ll be presented with. You’ll all be jumping from platform to platform until each of you get through the door to the next room. Of course, you still need to try to survive.

If other players die, then whoever remains will just move on. It truly is a race to the top, and those who fail are left behind. It’s a fun game in single-player too, but it feels so chaotic with other players there, it’s awesome. It also just looks funny seeing all of our little animals jumping around at the same time. So if you’re interested, go ahead and hop on the multiplayer.

Save up on coins and get rewarded

When traversing the castle, you’ll see plenty of floating coins that are just waiting to be snatched up. Obviously you can use these to buy something, but what exactly? Well, there is a neat little prize machine that will cough out gifts for you. 

When you have 1000 coins, you can give it a shot and see what you can get. One of Crossy Road Castle’s signature features is being able to unlock some hats to put on your character. It could be a top hat. reporter hat (no Pocket Gamer reporter hat; sorry), marching band hat, or even a cupcake. 

It’s fun seeing the hat on your character as you ascend the castle. It’s a great way to show off your personality in an already beautifully colored game. Plus, when playing online, it’s cool to see the caps that other players are wearing too. Mixing and matching with different animals and headgear is another fun way to enhance your experience aesthetically so go on and start collecting. 





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