Practice steering

One thing that is always critical to any car-related game is steering. Whether it’s turning in a racing game or in a game about destroying other cars, sometimes good turns can help lead to victory. Well, the steering in Crash of Cars is actually very smooth, but initially, it can be too smooth at times. 

So it’s good to try and get cozy with the steering. The good thing is that the controls for it are great. Tap the right side of your screen to go right, and the left side to go left. No need to slide your finger to the right or left side of the screen. 

The bad thing (although it isn’t necessarily bad) is the turns are pretty loose. What I mean is that your car will turn maybe a little quicker than you’d like, making you spin in a circle. It’s not blazing fast, but it’s quick enough to get you to do that by accident. So basically, try not to hold down either button for too long. Have the right amount of touch on those turns and it could really help. 

Time your weapon uses

Sometimes, aiming a weapon at an enemy can be tricky especially when they are constantly in motion. When you ride around, you’ll see floating question mark boxes that will contain random weapons and power-ups. Hover on over to these and see what you get out of the goodie bag. 

If you get a projectile, then that’s where you need to make sure your aim is on-point if you want to get a hit on your opponent. It will be available on the top right corner of your screen, so you can hold it for as long as you like (as long as you stay alive). 

When you’re in a good position, and an enemy is in your sights, then that’s when you let it rip. You’ll fire consecutive shots in a row, and if they all hit, then they’ll deal serious damage to the opponent’s car. You have a couple of other weapons that will require to get close to your enemies. These are a little easier to use since all you need to do is bump into them to dish out the damage. 

Just know that all weapon uses don’t last forever, of course, so use wisely. 

Be conservative when needed

It’s easy to think about going in and blasting away at your foes. But, when your health is low, don’t be afraid to play more conservatively. You can attack more when you have plenty of health, but when it drops, just be careful with how aggressive you are.

Try and let your enemies destroy each other when you’re getting weaker if you can. Players will likely see how vulnerable you are and may come after you. However, if they’re busy at the moment, getting attacked by others, then just try to keep your distance (social distancing) and fire from afar if you wish.

It’s a good way to avoid a quick and easy death. Your health does drop fairly fast, so there’s nothing wrong with playing a bit of defense by avoiding the attacks. As the great Muhammed Ali said; “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. This in some ways applies here.


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