Crash Bandicoot: On The Run tips and hints the game doesn’t tell you!

Going downstairs

In many stages there are underground sections that you can access by slamming down through boxes on the ground, but the game never tells you how to get through. Typical.

Running through and jumping on them won’t break them, instead you have to jump, and then slide down for a slide in mid-air, which will result in a slam down on the ground, smashing through boxes.

This will open up totally new areas in many stages, and the slam is a nice method for hitting boxes when you’re coming in from the air.

Smart slide

The slide is a nice, basic move that you would expect in an auto-runner like this. It allows you to get under tight spaces, and get to new areas, but it has multiple uses.

For one, you can use the slide to slide into certain enemies, and send them shooting off towards other boxes or perhaps even Nitro boxes, blowing them open and opening a path, usually.

And you can even get boxes with the slide. For example, if a wumpa fruit box is underneath a Nitro box, you can use the slide to hit the fruit box, and dodge the Nitro.

Item hoard

In order to progress through the game you will need to collect a lot of materials to craft bombs and potions, used to beat down annoying enemies.

You will need to run through the same stages to smash item boxes to collect items, and you should check which items you need most before going out to collect items, to ensure you go to the right stage.

This is a fun gameplay loop, and it’s fun to stock up on items. All of these items are necessary for beating the bigger enemies and unlocking new stages, so make sure to stock up, but don’t fill your silo too fast.

Battling the bosses

Finally, there are the enemies you actually need to beat. As mentioned, you will need to craft items to fight against each enemy, and then finally you’ll unlock the boss before moving onto new stages.

The fodder enemies will be defeated simply by tapping on your bombs when you get to the end of the stage after dodging their attacks – easy stuff.

The bigger bosses are more dynamic, requiring you to use new throwable items and devising new strategies. These are by far the best parts of the game, and make the grind to get to each boss worthwhile.
You can download Crash Bandicoot: On the run from Google Play Store and App Store!

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