Crash Bandicoot: On The Run! basic tips to get you going with this boss-filled runner

Keep And Eye Out for Breakable Boxes

One of the most iconic things about the Crash Bandicoot games is Crash’s spinning attack. This move will decimate your foes but is also used to break different boxes. You’ll see your share of boxes during your runs in Crash Bandicoot: On The Run! throughout.

Keep your eyes peeled, because when you see the opportunity, you want to take advantage. Hitting these will usually give you a boost such as stronger defense among other things. When you see a box with Aku Aku’s face on it, that’s when your mask friend and mentor will help you out.

Now, some boxes are just plain old boxes. Spin them out of your way and continue your journey. You’ll definitely get used to this after a while. Be ready to lick those chops when you see those magical boxes with the smiling Aku Aku on them.

Pay Attention to The Environment

As you go on your runs in Crash Bandicoot: On The Run!, you’ll notice that the levels aren’t exactly sitting in place. You’ll see that things will move as you go. Sometimes this could be things collapsing in your path, or an enemy that you need to knock out.

Sometimes, these little traps might catch you off guard. Thankfully, you shouldn’t have much trouble in the beginning. You should be able to see traps ahead of time so you can plan your movement accordingly. You’re going fast, but not insanely fast, and the pace allows you to perform successful dodges or attacks.

Like with many runners, awareness is key, and it’s especially true in Crash Bandicoot games. They are known for throwing numerous traps at you to dodge. In this case, you’re obviously constantly moving so you can’t stop and think for a second. It’s a game that can test your awareness while not being over the top. It’s crisp and smooth.

Grab Those Checkpoints

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run! features another signature feature and that’s its checkpoint system. Different boxes and such provide the checkpoints and that includes on your runs. Make sure to hit these, because there’s usually just one or two of them per level.

Early on, you’ll notice them near the boss area. This is definitely a great time to break the box. You shouldn’t worry much about missing them though. That said, you certainly can if you aren’t paying attention as much as you might think you are.

In the worst case, you’ll die and have to start the level over again if you don’t hit the checkpoint. In the first few levels, however, you should have zero problems with the boss, so even if you do miss the checkpoint, everything should be a breeze. With that said, always play it safe. Grab those checkpoints.

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