Control: A few tips to help you with this weird adventure

Control is a highly regarded action-adventure kind of game. In fact, it won numerous Game of the Year awards in 2019. It’s one of the more unusual games you’ll play and that’s part of its wondrous charm.

You play as a woman named Jesse Faden who visits a mysterious building called the Federal Bureau of Control to find out what happened to her brother Dylan. When in this building, the “Director” suddenly kills himself, curiously making Jesse the new Director in an odd twist. She obtains a gun called the “Service Weapon” which reloads automatically and is satisfying to use. 

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She needs to battle through enemies known as the “Hiss”, which are essentially like creepy, possessed humans that are scattered around the building. Jesse is incredibly strong-willed and will do whatever it takes to find answers about what happened. Here are a few tips to kick you off on the Switch version of the game. 

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