Company of Heroes 3 Reveal Showcase Livestream

Company of Heroes 3 is real! Join IGN as we partner with Sega to announce the highly anticipated upcoming World War II RTS from revered strategy developer Relic. There will be tons of news, gameplay, interviews, and a developer Q&A while playing the game live.



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  1. finally RTS will be back

    I wish they add Japan DLC

  2. Why did you include the 3 hours of bullshit?

  3. It looks the same as 2, but with a turned based map that BFME2 had a decade ago. Even the icons are the same.

  4. The future is now old man!

  5. Had me faceplanting when they mentioned turn based. Thankfully, the rts wasn't removed. Curious to see what the new forces, maps, and garrison breach bring to the game.

  6. My heat stopped for a second when I saw the title of the video.

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