Clearing tournament mode quickly and easily – Charrua Soccer cheats, tips

The gauntlet

Tournament mode is challenge after challenge, and it doesn’t get easier any time soon, so if you’re not sure where to smart, make sure to go to the How To Play menu and take a look at the tutorial match before anything else.

In the corner of the screen on each tournament available, you will be able to see how many teams will participate, and how many matches you’ll have to play in order to win. Don’t worry, you can save your game, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Pay close attention to the team you select at the beginning of the tournament and their stats. Higher stats usually mean more skilled players, and more chance of winning.

Challenging CPUs

The CPUs in tournament are incredibly tough and skilled for the most part, so don’t take the game for granted.

You’ll quickly notice some CPUs slamming headers and bicycle kicks at the ball, and you’ll probably wonder how you can do that. It’s all about which players you’re using.

These are Passive Skills, and certain players will have better Passive Skills than others. Passive Skills will allow players to unleash all sorts of special shots, so for better chances, pick better teams with more Passive Skills.

Match length

These matches can become very long, very quickly. If you’re playing a six round tournament, and each game is going to take five to ten minutes, you can easily be sat at your device playing for up to an hour. That is pretty brutal for a mobile game.

But luckily, Charrua Soccer allows players to choose how long their tournament matches should last for before they enter the game – so make sure to scroll over to the length option first!

You may wish to extend your matches to up to ten minutes in length, but personally, a three minute match is just perfect. One minute, meanwhile, is way too short…

Unlocking every cup

The main goal of tournament mode is, of course, to compete in and win every single tournament, but not all of them are available from the beginning.

Luckily, it’s easy to see which tournaments need to be done in order to unlock and play even more. Just scroll over each tournament, and the text in the bottom right will tell you what needs to be done in order to unlock it.

This allows you to plan your route through the tournament mode on your way to becoming the overall champion. Good luck players!

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