Cinematic trailer for First Refuge: Z released, App Store pre-orders are now live

37GAMES is launching a zombie themed strategy game called First Refuge: Z in several countries, and has now released a new cinematic trailer to coincide with pre-registrations going up on the iOS App Store.

First Refuge: Z is survival game where you build and customise underground cities used to shelter humanity from the overwhelming hordes of zombies on the surface. The game creatively combines underground shelter building, zombie hunting mechanics and strategic war game elements in a way that 37GAMES says is unlike any other mobile games of its kind.

Here is the cinematic trailer for the game, which shows off some Resident Evil-style heroics as well as some gameplay.

In the world of First Refuge: Z, you and other players construct these underground cities by building rooms for different functions where residents can live safely. They can be assigned to do different jobs and develop relationships with each other. If you’re familiar with Fallout Shelter, the same principles apply here.

But there’s also a combat element to it, as you need to defend the city from the approaching zombie hordes. The hero roster is diverse and varied, with each one having their own origin story and unique skills that will help to defend humanity.

First Refuge: Z is already available to download on the Google Play for Android store as a free to play title with in-app purchases. It’s expected to release on the iOS App Store on 6th May of this year, so be sure to pre-register if you have an interest in checking the title out.

37GAMES also recommends keeping an eye on its Facebook page for any giveaways the developer may be holding in the future.
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