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Lucid Cycle – Official Trailer

Explore tiny snippets of different worlds in Tonguç Bodur’s Lucid Cycle. From encountering quick puzzles to platforming and searching for objects, Lucid Cycle encourages players to visit a set of mysterious vignettes that are linked together by a deep, abstract narrative. Watch the Lucid Cycle trailer for a look at …

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Everything We Know About Halo Infinite

Zeta Halo is the most expansive world in the Halo franchise. Unlike past installments, which showcased linear routes that seldom led to larger, but enclosed, arenas, Infinite contains expansive hubs with their own ecosystems. That’s right, this is NOT an open-world game. However, we will be able to return to …

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New World Review | New Game Network

Western developers have shied away from Massively Multiplayer Games for a long time. Ever since World of Warcraft became (and arguably remains) on top of the genre, few have attempted to dethrone it, and most projects nowadays come from Asian developers. Creating an MMORPG requires a ton of resources, constant …

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