Catalyst Black release date and the rest you need to know

First revealed in mid-July, Catalyst Black is an upcoming AAA-quality battleground shooter from the developers of Vainglory. If you have been eagerly waiting for it or have just heard about it for the first time, this post is for you. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about Catalyst Black – from its release date to details about early access, pre-registration, and gameplay. You will find it all here. Let’s begin.

Catalyst Black trailer

If you haven’t seen the Catalyst Black trailer yet, you can check it out below. Please give it a watch before we continue out with our list of important pointers about the game.


About Catalyst Black

Catalyst Black is an upcoming action shooter that has been developed by Super Evil Megacorp, the developers of Vainglory. It’s being developed for Android and iOS and is scheduled to release soon.

If you enjoy PvP shooters, then you might enjoy Catalyst Black. If you have played Vainglory, you will notice some similarities in gameplay, but overall, the two are completely different.

At first glance, Catalyst Black might look like any other MOBA, but it’s not. Though the camera angle is similar, it’s a shooter. Usually, we expect a multiplayer shooter to be played from either a first-person or third-person view, but here you play from a top-down perspective. It’s something different that we are not used to, but when I played the beta, it took me no time to get used to it. Instead, I would say it was a much more fun experience.

Catalyst Black features various game modes such as Slayer, Hydra, and Eventide. While each mode comes with its own set of goals that you need to accomplish to win, to sum up, you with your allies try to defeat the enemy teams using a variety of weapons, abilities, trinkets and special powers that allows you to turn into a powerful being called Primal for a limited-time.

It has a drop-in feature

Catalyst Black offers a drop-in feature. It allows you to quickly join a friend’s match, letting you join them if you notice them playing and want to be a part of the action. However, this feature can only be used if your friend is in the beginning stages of a match. If the match has progressed a bit, you won’t be able to use this feature. Instead, you will have to wait for your friend to finish the match before you can play together.

How is Catalyst Black different from other similar titles?

Unlike MOBAs like Wild Rift, Arena of Valor and Vainglory, Catalyst Black does not feature unique heroes. Instead, the heroes are all the same, but there is a huge variety of guns, abilities and trinkets that you can choose to customize your hero to suit your playstyle. There are also many Primals that you can choose from. While you’re waiting for it, you can always check which are the best MOBA games on Android, and of course, prime MOBAs for iPhone and iPad.

Who is developing it?

Catalyst Black is being developed by Super Evil Megacorp, the developers of Vainglory.

Catalyst Black release date – When will Catalyst Black come out?

Super Evil Megacorp has announced that they will launch Catalyst Black on Android and iOS on May 25th. The launch will be global, so players worldwide will be able to jump into the action on the day.

Pre-registration rewards

Catalyst Black is up for pre-registration on Google Play while iOS users can pre-register through the game’s official website. The developers have announced many in-game rewards for those who pre-register, such as 500 dust, a rocket launcher, a star chest, an astral chest and a flamethrower.

The pre-registered players will automatically get entered into a big raffle where they can win cash prizes and more. There are apple gift cards, Google Fit cards, iPhones, Samsung S22, Airpods and cash prizes up for grabs.

Will there be beta testing?

Catalyst Black has already been operating in closed beta in multiple countries worldwide. Now that it’s going to be released worldwide on May 25th, we don’t think Super Evil Megacorp will be announcing or hosting any more beta tests in between.

Will it feature cross-play?

Catalyst Black is a standalone game that has been developed specifically for mobile. It will feature cross-play between Android and iOS.

How to download Catalyst Black?

After May 25th, when Catalyst Black is out globally, you will be able to download it from Google Play or the App Store.

Is it free-to-play?

Yes, Super Evil Megacorp has confirmed that Catalyst Black will be free-to-play with optional in-app purchases. The developer has said that it will feature no pay-to-win elements. All the in-game items (except cosmetics) can be earned through gameplay alone.

Where to find more info about Catalyst Black?

You can keep an eye on the game’s Facebook page, Twitter handle and the official website to stay in touch with the latest news, or better still, you can stay tuned with us, and we will let you know of any major news as it arrives.

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