Castle of White Night: Three reasons to play the epic dungeon crawler

The atmosphere

We touched on this a little bit already but the overall atmosphere in Castle of White Night is superb, especially if you appreciate its throwback art and graphics. We talked about how tight the castle feels and it’s this part of the ambiance that is very immersive, not to mention you’re playing in the first-person.

And White Night Castle is a creepy one. You just never know what’s lurking around the corner. And, the Pale Devil will be moving about the castle so you need to avoid him because he’ll kill you in one shot if you didn’t defeat the 100 enemies. Talk about nerve-wracking and eerie.

And for the best experience, you definitely should put on headphones. The sounds and music in the game are great and fit the setting exceptionally well. Even when you first fire it up, the theme song of the game is one of the prettiest you’ll hear on mobile. Whether you play the game for hours or for several minutes, one thing that will be highly unforgettable is its atmosphere and ambiance.

The combat

If you love strategy in your combat, then Castle of White Night is a great game for this. The game features turn-based battles, meaning that you need to quickly think of your next move. Do you defend or attack? Or maybe you have a special ability. Do you use it? 

All of these questions can be answered in all of your fights. Really, it kind of depends on which character you choose and if you know what their strengths and weaknesses are. Luckily, each warrior has their own difficulty level of handling, which comes in handy when picking one. 

No, you can’t physically see your character smack an enemy across the face due to its retro layout, but the combat is still very thirst-quenching. Whittling a mini-boss’ health down with some well-timed hits, and then seeing them dissipate upon defeat is good food for the soul (sorry if I’m making you thirsty and hungry). 

The exploration

The Castle of White Night truly is a beast of a castle. The fact that it holds 100 bosses including the brutish Pale Devil is an excellent indication of how huge the place is. Not only the bosses, but you have NPCs and several items scattered around as well. 

So you can say that the game is not only a dungeon crawler but somewhat of an open-world game too as you can explore anywhere you want. However, you need to watch three things: how much food, water and torches you have. If you run out of torches, then the castle goes dark, and you can’t see. 

If you run out of food and water, then you slowly start to lose health, kind of like in other survival games like Fallout. So as you explore, you’ll come across several items that can help you. There are also these little shrines that you can find throughout the castle. These are your save points and they replenish your health so be on alert for those. 

As mentioned, you’ll run into many forms of loot, NPCs, and mysterious objects. Its unpredictability is part of what makes Castle of White Night so fun. 




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