Call of Duty: Vanguard – Official Polina Petrova Trailer

Meet Polina Petrova, a soldier not by choice but by a need to defend her country, who becomes an infamous sniper of legend. Fight as, and alongside, Polina in both the single-player Campaign and in Multiplayer on November 5.

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  1. People still buy cod? Lol 😂 👍🏻

  2. People just throw a fit the minute they see a women in a cod or battlefield game. Just their presence alone makes them go on a rant. If the game doesn't do well cuz it was poorly handled, they'll blame it on the inclusion of women and call it "woke".

  3. Oh hey, actual historical accuracy. Gonna give them credit where credit's due.

  4. everyone forgets that Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko (lady death) was a real person, and goes immediately with "woke" games

  5. down with women i guess

  6. AAA games with this gay feminist propaganda all over again, nope, not having it

  7. This wokeness is ruining my historical accuracy I HATE WOMEN oh wait ? It’s actually pretty historically accurate, now I just hate women outside of this context.

  8. Why is the character (who was a real person) have the face of the voice actress than the actual soldier (or close to)? Lol. It’s literally just Laura Bailey in COD.

  9. Funny how only female COD characters suffer from RBF…

  10. “Everything woke turns to shit”

  11. Call of woke….. thats all games have been lately smh

  12. Quiet finally decided to put some clothes on XD

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