Call of Duty Mobile has had its credit store updated with new items to choose from. As you’ll likely know, its seen quite a few major updates to the shops over the last few months – and this one seems to have a blend of items. 

Firstly, you have some new guns that you can purchase, each with different aesthetical designs. This includes the RUS-79U Aurora Borealis among other things. 

The S36 Hearts LMG also makes its way into the shop, not too long after the BK57 Hearts assault rifle released. LMGs certainly have their place in the battlefield, mainly slightly off to the side and firing a big barrage of bullets toward the enemy spawn. 

In particular, its accuracy and fire rate are its biggest strengths. This could really come in handy if your if you’re looking for better aim and some quick hits. 

Mobility is an underrated stat for these types of guns as well. As with any LMG it’s not as strong as the accuracy and fire rate, but you can normally make up for movement with pure power. 

Then we come to the Gravity Spikes operator skill, which was once a limited time ability, but is now here to stay, and ready for you to snatch up. This skill allows you to attack your foes with a shockwave by slamming the spikes to the ground. 

It’s a solid AOE ability, perfect for shutting down enemies within your proximity, and it’s certainly good if you’re in a critical spot, or low on ammo. Let’s face it; there are times where you might get yourself in a mini-panic and want to do something quick that could be damaging. Well, here you go. 

 If you never played Call of Duty Mobile, then you can download it for free on Google Play and the App Store
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