Butter Royale’s first anniversary update includes spices, new game modes, and more

Butter Royale has turned one this month, and its developer Mighty Bear Games has released a new update to coincide with the festivities on iOS.

Spices is a new feature being added to Butter Royale. It’s essentially a set of multipliers that boost important in-game statistics such as health or damage. When you unlock them, you have these spices available to you forever. Unlike the power-ups which were introduced in a previous update, spices are the only booster you can equip and upgrade before matches begin.

Examples of spices include Cinnamon, which provides a fixed boost to your maximum health, Cocoa, which increase your armour limit, and Cayenne, which increases your damage output when your health reaches critical levels.

That’s not all though, as Mighty Bear Games is also introducing some new contestants into the game. With the new update, Studious Sasha, Jumping Bean, Serrano and Bao will be playable characters to enter the battlefield. There are also some new game modes being added to Butter Royale with this update after the popularity of the time-limited game events last year.

The All-You-Can-Eat game mode is a special mode where there are no health or armour pickups on the battlefield, making it truly survival of the fittest. Meanwhile, the Mystery Boxes game mode features no regular pickups, instead replacing them with hundreds of chests with randomised loot.

These modes are time-limited and will rotate on a weekly basis. Check the table below to see what events are coming up and when you’ll be able to play them. As always, winning these modes will result in extra XP and tickets.

You can download Butter Royale now from the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade, the premium games subscription service available on iOS devices.
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