Watch the vision cones

Guns in Bullet Echo are fired automatically so you don’t need to worry about pressing any buttons. However, there is a vision cone that is lit up in front of you. You need to shine this light on your enemies in order to start shooting. This will require you to get fairly close to a foe. 

This also means that you might need to move out of the way to avoid the shots of other players. Pay attention to what kind of guns they have. Sometimes, they’ll have more powerful weapons than you do. In that case, try to take cover behind an object. 

Come back at out at the right time and start firing. If you need to evade completely, then feel free to do so. There’s no shame in not getting your brains destroyed by someone’s bigger guns. So, try and be smart, and watch those cones. 

Items are everywhere

Take advantage of any items that you see on the ground. One of those things could be some ammo to reload that gun. Bullets don’t last forever like it seems like in many other games (don’t let the name “Bullet Echo” fool you). So go ahead and refill. 

You can do so simply by walking over the bullets and waiting for the meter to fill up. The same can be done with health. There are hearts lying around where you can do the same thing by walking over them. Just be careful when doing so. 

I say this because filling up takes a few seconds, so you never know if someone else is around the corner. It certainly can always be embarrassing when you get killed by an opponent because you were trying to heal up or reload. 

Earn some batteries

Batteries are quite important in Bullet Echo because these are the items that enhance your character’s abilities. It could be something like widening your vision cone to fire double the bullets among other things. If you want to make your character more powerful, then here’s your chance.

You can get batteries by playing games mostly. You can get them by opening up “League Chests” too on occasion. But just continuing to play the game will do nicely. If you find some in chests, then that’s a bonus to add to your collection.

Sometimes, Bullet Echo can be a game of character strength. So getting batteries is a great way to give yourself that competitive edge when needed. Play hard, get rewarded.


Try and stay close to your teammates

In many games that you and I have played over the years, it’s either we split up or we stick together. Each one has its benefits. Splitting up can help prevent your team from dying quickly while sticking together gives you more firepower.

Both can work in Bullet Echo, but for starting out, I’d say it’s a good idea to stand by your squad. Remember what we talked about earlier where sometimes enemy players will have stronger weapons than you. By ganging up on teams, you give you and your squad some insurance.

Players will die, but you can revive if you or your teammates survive (hey, that rhymes). Go in there and dominate with the power of cooperation. And give your teammates a hug while you’re at it. Why not?





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