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A Township Tale – Official Oculus Quest Trailer | Sumer of Gaming 2021

Go on adventures, cook, create weapons, and more online with others in this fantasy open …


  1. So modern day planetside 2 but with added naval warfare pretty much

  2. Where's John Travolta?

  3. This makes me remembering World in Conflict 2007, one of the best RTS games I 've played.

  4. Cool cinematic trailer but we need gameplay to judge if it's worth our time. '-'

  5. Looks like this is somewhat of a reimagining of World in Conflict….and that ain't a bad thing.

  6. This game looks so trash honestly xD

  7. YouTube:

  8. What does “broken arrows” mean like was it a military operation?

  9. *gains popularity due to the 1996 movie.

  10. Where’s John Travolta and Howie Long?

  11. I thought it was an adaption of the John Travolta & Chirstian Slater movie

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