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Smite – Official Charybdis Cinematic Reveal Trailer

Watch the latest trailer and meet Charybdis, the new goddess coming to the free-to-play action …


  1. call of duty infinity warfare 2

  2. What's the point of astronauts leaving together in their space station…to kill each other?

    It doesn't make sense.

    Easy pass

  3. So, question. Since this takes place in space. Can I hide at the edge of a map with a clear line of sight to the other end, shoot a pistol round and land a head shot. As long as nothing gets in the way?


  4. The juxtaposition of the serene space music and the killstreak popups was very funny to me

  5. Call of Duty… IN SPACE!

  6. So its Lawbreakers but set in that one COD level?

  7. 2021: A Pew-Pew Space Odyssey

  8. You cant actually fire bullets in space as theres no gravity?

  9. I remember this mission in Call of Duty. I guess it was cool enough to get its own game.

  10. Look an awesome game! Looks promesing

  11. Didn't the same game come out few years ago already, forgot the name.

  12. This game looks sick as fuck ngl

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