Bloons TD Battles 2: A few tips to get things popping

Make Use of Monkeys

One character that you can use on the battlefield is called Dart Monkeys. These little furry friends can help you carve through those Bloons. They fire quick darts that can eliminate them in a hurry. Of course, the darts aren’t as powerful, but their speed really helps.

These monkeys compliment your other playing pieces perfectly. Like a nice accessory or that delicious side dish to go with your meal. Place a couple of them if you have more than one. You can place them wherever you like but if you have one next to your main character then that could mean some extra close-range firepower.

If you place another, you can either have them close to the other two characters or put them in a spot further away from them if you want. So for the balloons that get past your initial soldiers, there will be another monkey waiting, hidden in the shadows (well, not hidden but you know).

Upgrade Often in Battle

You have two main ways to attack in Bloons TD Battles 2; you can use Heroes or the aforementioned Monkeys or both. Heroes need to be upgraded in the game’s main menu. However, Monkeys and different weapons can be upgraded in the middle of the fight.

Sometimes, with so much action going on, it can be a little easy to forget. By making sure everything is upgraded, you’ll be able to have some extra firepower. You’ll earn coins as you play and you can use these to make the in-game moves. This is kind of similar to Teamfight Tactics.

It’s fun doing these upgrades too. For example; if you have a cannon placed, you can make it fire large rockets at the bloons instead of cannonballs and pop them out of existence. Upgrading isn’t 100% necessary but it can be critical to your success.

Use Coins for Bloons

One other thing you can do during battle in Bloons TD Battles 2 is purchase more bloons to help you fight off your opponent. By getting some, you’ll have the opponent firing away for their lives, trying to destroy all the bloons that come their way.

Unfortunately, the opponent can do this to you as well so make sure you’re prepared. Make sure you have enough Heroes and Monkeys ready to take them down. The ability to add more bloons really adds to the intensity of a match.

This move isn’t unstoppable, of course, but it can keep opposing players on their toes. And, of course, you need to watch for how many coins you’re spending too. A little balancing of the coin can help your chances in matches as well.

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