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Stargate: Timekeepers – Official Reveal Trailer

Strategy game developer Slitherine partners with MGM for the first PC strategy game ever made …


  1. Characters look really bad 🤨

  2. the problems is see with these live service games that they are not made to be fun, they are made to milk the players, and i just hate that. the characters look super cool in this one, but i would take them in a single player game with an online deathmatch mode or something any day than this attempt of milking everyone as much as possible. If its going to be free to play than maybe, but if its like Overwatch then forget it. Overwatch is not a fun game, and it never was, at least not for me. Love the way the game looks but thats about it.

  3. Ninja Theory went from Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice to this online hero shooter!? Damn shame…

  4. id love it if its a movie

  5. Too many of these class/hero shooters right now. Space them out, if tf2 and overwatch were released at the same time, one might not have succeeded. Timing in the market is important.

  6. Too many online only games being announced this year, the market is oversaturated

  7. This new Overwatch game looks cool.

  8. not gonna wait really anxious for this

  9. Looks OK need to play it to see if good

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