Blade XLord’s Battle System and strategies explained in depth

Basics of battle

Battle in Blade XLord is real-time, so you can move around the field and attack in real time. You’ll immediately lock on to a character, and you can hold and swipe on the screen to move.

Once you get close enough to a target you’ll begin attacking, and you’ll have four different special moves to use, each with their own cooldown and effects. Hold down on these to see the move description – this is important.

You can also slide the attack bar to the left or right to reveal either items, or strategies for your team to focus your attacks. Use all of these in order to get the best of opponents.

Dashing in, swapping targets

Tap once in the centre of the screen and your character will dash towards whomever you are targeting, ready to deal big damage. This is great to use any time you wish to attack but are out of range.

But often you’ll be up against more than one opponent, and as such you will need to swap to whichever target is either weakest, or most annoying. Swipe the main screen left or right to swap targets, and then dash up to attack them. Make sure to get rid of healers quickly!

You will need to remain mobile in battle, not just because of moving to attack enemies, but also to make the most of those attacks, as explained in the next tip…

Location is important

Now you know how to move efficiently and double-check your moves, and this is good, because you’ll need to know the details of each attack.

Some of them will be more powerful or more efficient when used behind an enemy’s back, while others will be most effective when you direct the attack at an enemy while they are in the BREAK state.

You can control any character you can summon in Blade XLord, so there’s no hard rule on how to play, it all depends on the moves and loadout of whatever character you’ve chosen to control, so make sure to double check all of their moves and attacks before going into battle.

Going for BREAK

This isn’t important for fodder enemies, but when you’re going against a boss, the BREAK state is incredibly important.

Essentially like the Stagger system in Final Fantasy VII Remake, the BREAK system brings an enemy to its knees after you have dealt enough damage and used your attacks, rendering them incredibly vulnerable. This is your chance to unleash all of your moves and do huge damage.

The BREAK state can also change the properties of your attacks, and make other things more efficient, so double check your moves as you push an enemy towards BREAK.

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