Blade & Soul Revolution: Which class should you choose?

Blade Master

blade and soul classes
Wielding a deadly sword, the Blade Master can be thought of as your typical, well-round Warrior class. They have a variety of both offensive and defensive abilities, making them an ideal fit for players who are going to be working through most of the story without a party.

Conversely, their skillset lets them fit into almost any group without much fuss. Does the party need a DPS class? The Blade Master can step in. Do they need someone who can pull off a bit of tanking? The Blade master can handle that, too.

The Blade Master class is available to Jin and Yun.

Kung Fu Master

blade and soul revolution classes
Kung Fu Master’s employ gauntlet’s as their go-to weapon. They’re one of the most difficult classes to play in Blade & Soul Revolution, as they rely heavily on their ability to parry enemy attacks and perform devastating counters.

However, if you’re able to master their skill set, they are an offensive force to be reckoned with. Few other classes in the game can match a Kung Fu Master’s DPS output, although they don’t have many healing or buff abilities to help out their teammates.

The Kung Fu Master class is available to Jin and Gon.

Force Master

blade and soul force master
Blade & Soul Revolution’s Force Master is essentially the game’s mage. Their weapon of choice is a bangle, and they use chi to deal damage at a distance. Force Masters speciality is using abilities with a large area of effect. This makes them perfect for crowd control when up against dozens of foes and are a boon to any party they join up with.

All that firepower comes at a cost, however, as they have subpar defence and need to stay out of close-quarter combat. But once you’ve figured out how to evade enemies while simultaneously slinging your spells, the class is one of the easiest to use in the game.

The Force Master class is available to Lyn and Yun.


If you’re looking to fight alongside a pet and use the power of nature against your foes, you’ll want to run as a Summoner. This eco-conscious class works together with a pet – called a Familiar – to offer buffs, healing, and other attribute bonuses to their team. They can also use a few devastating offensive skills with their staff, giving them a lot of versatility on the battlefield.

Much like Force Masters, Summoners have a low tolerance for pain. Prepare to be dodging attacks and running away from high-level foes, as Summoner’s defence is one of the worst in Blade & Soul Revolution.

The Summoner class is only available to Lyn.


destroyer class
Anyone looking for a simple, tank-like class will love everything offered by the Destroyer. What they lack in offensive firepower is more than made up for with the best in-game defence. These behemoths lumber into battle with a giant axe, although their offensive abilities are slightly below average.

Still, no party is complete without a Destroyer, as they’ll take point on most missions – soaking up enemy attacks like a sponge. We’d highly recommend giving this class a shot if you’re new to the MMO genre, as their high defence makes them very forgiving while learning the intricacies of combat.

The Destroyer class is only available to Gon.

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