Black Mirror Official Announcement Trailer

THQ Nordic is reimagining the gothic-horror adventure series, which is set in Scotland in 1926.

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  1. can anyone tell me the name of the music?????

  2. It's funny how people are hating on the game for having the same name as the show but what you don't know is that the original game came out way before the show ever did. Point is the show copied the name from the game not the other way around.

  3. To preface this for people scrolling down mad because it has the same name as the TV show, the original game came out in 2003

  4. How to ruin a game like EA did to the star wars trilogy

  5. Is the language of the song Scottish?

  6. What's the poem of this trailer from?

  7. This is a perfect game to remake imo.! Enjoyed the first game a great deal, mystery with interesting atmosphere and plot that actually surprised me. The sequels fell off drastically though, and I couldn't stand the whiny protagonist. Let's hope it's staying the OG Gordon as it appears to in the trailer. 🙂

    But yes, extremely unfortunately to have the same name as the TV show, despite of course being before the TV show. They should add a suffix to the title.

  8. The TV show is a "once in a decade" type of fantastic. Having the same name for something irrelevant won't do u any favors.

    edit: if you thought this was from a Netflix show or whatever GTFO please thanks

  10. I get annoyed when trailers have one job to tell us about their upcoming game and they can't even do that what is this game about? Saving or rescuing your girl from evil that's in 90% of all games -_-

  11. This ain't the fucking tv show what

  12. I thought that this was going to be a Telltale Adventure game for Netflix's Black Mirror

  13. I always wondered why in horror movies it's mostly a female protagonist and in horror games it's a male protagonist but this looks interesting

  14. I remember liking the original game a lot.

  15. Wow, a trailer with music in Gaelic. :O

  16. Is Charlie Brooker gonna sue?

  17. This gave me chills. It has a little bit a Resident Evil 7 atmosphere

  18. might just buy for that soundtrack

  19. Okay? So… what's this game about?

  20. Why make this game? It just makes no damn sense.

  21. Oh look, another cgi "sad music over slow mo footage" trailer with no gameplay or any information as to what the game might play like, yawn

  22. God damn it. I thought this was a game of the tv show black mirror. Still looks like a good game.

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