Following weeks of hype, Black Desert Mobile players will now be able to start a playthrough as the inventive and distinct Sorceress character class. She excels at casting powerful ranged spells, though her mastery of up-close combat is almost equally as impressive and useful when in a pinch.

Boasting skills with an Amulet and Talisman, she’s able to control the battlefield and keep her enemies on their toes. When she does happen to get caught out and cornered, her rapid dodges and explosion-causing teleportation powers help her escape danger.

Her deadly Rushing Crow attack allows her to dash towards her enemies and land a high-damage strike. Being a magic user, the Sorceress is also able to sling ranged spells at far-off hordes. Sinister Energy is one of her most useful attacks when you need to keep some distance between you and whatever you’re facing down.

The Sorceress also benefits from buffs earned through consuming Shards dotted around the battlefield. These can, for example, increase the range of her attacks and damage output. All of this combines to make a character that is distinct from the initial five, offering advanced players an all-new playstyle that should keep the game and its combat fresh for many more hours.
Black Desert Mobile

is among the most acclaimed MMOs on mobile and has just won the Award for Best Audio/Visual Accomplishment at our Mobile Game Awards 2020. You’ll find it available as a free-to-play game from over on the App Store and Google Play.

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