Black Desert Mobile has fast become one of the richest, most content-packed MMOs on mobile. Today, publisher and developer Pearl Abyss has revealed an all-new feature known as Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave. It’ll be made available to all players through a free content update.

But what is it? Well, the Lava Cave is comprised of two distinct modes that allow intrepid adventurers to fight with other players in intense PVP bouts, or against deadly creatures in the special combat zone. A maximum of 100 adventurers can take part in the large-scale battle, and there are special rewards up for grabs such as some helpful Black Stone and high-end gear.

On top of that, the game’s rank system is set to be revamped with this latest update. Up until now, the system has been based on the particular server you find yourself playing on; however, that will no longer be the case. From now on, the rank system for each and every server will be combined, and you’ll be able to see exactly where you stand among the very best Black Desert Mobile players from all regions.

Black Desert Mobile will also introduce a fresh buff of resonance for +3 and +4 accessories. You’ll receive this great bonus for having enchanted accessories. Resonance raises the combat point whenever you have a specific enchantment class or level. Basically, you can now grow more powerful than ever with your +3 and +4 enhancement accessories.
We’ve covered Black Desert Mobile quite extensively since its global launch back in December of last year. The game recently received its first post-launch class in the all-power Sorceress, a high-damage master of magic and the martial arts.

Those who are yet to delve headfirst into its impressive fantasy world can download Black Desert Mobile now from both the App Store and Google Play.
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