Best Valheim Mods To Take That Viking Adventure Even Further

Stamina, like in most survival games, is a key mechanic in terms of survival and exploration. With Valheim, the stamina in-game depletes at a rapid rate (though this can be improved upon through the title itself, especially through boss fights and the blessings offered through communing through runes). If you’re like me, you love to just explore: swimming, mountain climbing, running for your life in terror because oh my god, where did all of those trolls come from?! 

The Stamina Overhaul mod completely changes the stamina mechanic in-game by improving regeneration rates, removing over-encumbered stamina depletion, eliminating the stamina penalty whilst sneaking around, and more. The rate of drain overall is slowed as well, making it easy to go for that swim or to run up that mountain without fearing a total drain that leaves you helpless against any enemies that may be on your tail.

You can download this mod right here

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