Early game tactics

The fact is, the early game should be pretty easy for you, and your early tactics should basically be all about damage. Pull out big Area of Effect characters and attacks to take down waves of enemies with speed.

Let’s face it, you don’t really need advice for how to smash through the earlier stages, you’ll get through it easily enough, but AoE spells in general will help for much of the game.

As you progress further, and difficulty starts to ramp up, slowly switch your team, and tactics, to what we recommend for the late game.

Strong early game characters

Believe it or not, just the basic characters you start the game with are decently effective at taking down your first few missions. To be expected, really.

The AoE characters you want in your team to speed up the process of battling are…

  • [Protector of Dolls] Old Fart King
  • [Forest Guardian] Helbram
  • Tempest Holy Knight Howzer
  • [Mascot] Hawk & Elizabeth
  • [Thunderbolt] Guardian Gilthunder

Late game tactics

Alright, now things are getting serious. In the late game you have two primary objectives: prevent the enemy from using their Ultimate Move, and keeping the HP of your team high at all times.

As such, you want characters that heal you, characters that can stop an enemy Ultimate Move from activating, and characters that can stun enemies to stop their rampage. Using these tools will allow you to survive for much longer than usual.

So, the idea is to stay healthy, and try to limit the amount of moves your enemies can actually make. A tall order, but with the right team, very possible.

Strong late game characters

Okay, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get these characters in a gacha game, but hey, I have high hopes for you. Here are the characters that can heal you up…
  • The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King the Fairy King
  • [Boar Hat] Tavern Hostess Elizabeth
  • [Liones] Princess Elizabeth

These characters can deplete an enemy move gauge…

  • [Wanted Man] Young Villager Gowther
  • [Undead] Prisoner Ban
  • Tempest Holy Knight Howzer

And finally, these characters have great stun abilities.

  • [The Seven Deadly Sins] Captain Meliodas
  • [Collector] Grand Mage Merlin
  • [Knight of Ice] Holy Knight Gustav
  • The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King the Fairy King

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