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Replaced – Official Announcement Trailer | E3 2021

Replaced, a side-scrolling steampunk action game with high-res, yet retro graphics, is coming 2022. source


  1. Sigh…..I saw "Bayonetta", "Trailer", and "3" in the video title………

  2. Anyone know what Bayonetta says in the minute 0:31???

  3. "No one said you could touch."
    This is called respectful fanservice

  4. I have been replaying both this trailer and the first Bayonetta trailer for the past couple of days now. And every time she makes that "Mm~" sound, I lose my shit. xD

  5. father and daughter have a quality time together

  6. We just had Nintendo direct and we didn't even get a fucking port of this.

  7. this is the Cereza that i really like

  8. Anyone know the name of the music that plays during the fight? It sounds similar to Love is Blue Equipped, but this one is slightly different…

  9. this is the only video game where you can fight a sword with a simple high heels like "f%$k your sword, i got heels!!"

  10. So no "ARGEDCO!!!!"??…😞😞😞

  11. I don't like bayonetta 2 as much as i like bayonetta 1(the character).Bayonetta in the first game is soo much cooler than Bayonetta in the second.

  12. Where did this scene go to in the final release? Did it get deleted?

  13. I want to give this game a try, but im just 13 and i dont think my parents would let me buy this game

  14. Capcom must really hate themselves for letting Platinum Games(formerly Clover Studios) go. Ya done good Nintendo. So glad I have a WiiU 🙂

    Can't wait for this to be available for digital download.

  15. Absolutely my most favorite female video game character…EVER.

  16. I have no idea why they decide to cut her hair really short, It was fine just the way it is, Also her new outfit is a lot more than her previous outfit, The one she wore on the last game was much better.

    But I do love Luka's new look but still miss his old look 🙂

  17. "No one said you could touch… Unless you have a wii u"

  18. What if this ends up being where Bayonetta has a brother??? Fact 1: the team put on this game are the same as the one's who've done the Devil May Cry games. Fact 2: the first game had HEAVY refrences such as: Phantasmaranae/Phantom. Luka's father's name was the same as one Dante used as a cover once. Fact 3: if Bayonetta did have a brother, that would mean that he is ALSO dark and light. So he would be able to pull of feats knly the opposite clan could achieve. Anyone agree with this idea?

  19. Who else thinks that the mysterious Lumen Sage is actually Bayonetta?
    The Lumen sages were all male right and seemed to use alot of magical non-physical kind of attacks (as shown by Balder) but this one has a kind of curvy figure and the same gloves as what she wore previously and is shown to be powerful enough to perform feats that only Umbra Witches can perform. Couple this with the fact we had a mysterious girl from before (Cereza) who was actually Bayonetta herself they might be trying to use the same complex in this game. Also the fact that shes both light and dark but can obviously accomplish traits from both backs this up. As my last point I wanna mention that the whole time travelling thing messed up alot of Bayonettas future facts so perhaps the timeline she restored using Cereza has become a parallel universe in which she became a Sage instead, now travelled into the Witch Bayonettas world.
    So am I the only one who thinks this?

  20. Where's the ending?! They cut out the last part of the trailer!

  21. Its a Wii U exclusive because Nintendo were the only ones who funded it I believe. They aren't tied directly to it, they're just overseeing it and so far they are really impressed. If it was not for Nintendo we wouldn't even have Bayonetta 2… I will be getting a Wii U eventually for this game and others that look pretty good ^^

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