Battlefield Mobile – Here is how to download and play the beta on Android

The beta of Battlefield Mobile has just been released in Indonesia and the Philippines. But if you can’t wait to try the game right now, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will share with you a step-by-step guide on how to download and play Battlefield Mobile on Android right now from anywhere in the world. So, let’s begin.

Here is how to download and play Battlefield Mobile

As mentioned above, Battlefield Mobile’s beta is now officially available for selected players in Indonesia and the Philippines. If you reside in any of the two countries, you can download the game via Google Play.

But if you live inanother country or if the download button is not available for you, then you can download and play Battlefield Mobile’s beta version by downloading and installing the game’s APK file. Here is how to do it:

A few things to note

  • Since EA has not region locked the Battlefield Mobile App, you can play the game without using a VPN
  • You can use any 3rd party App store to download the APK file. We have used TapTap here to explain
  • We do not recommend downloading apps from third-party app stores; we rather recommend waiting for the game’s official launch in your region

About the game

Battlefield Mobile is the latest entry into the well-known FPS game series, which first launched way back in 2002. EA has now decided to bring this popular game series to mobile. It allows you to enjoy the Battlefield experience anytime, anywhere. Battlefield Mobile will feature massively multiplayer online matches where you will be working together with your team to be victorious.

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