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In Da Hoop – Official Reveal Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

Here’s the first look at the reveal of In Da Hoop, a hoop-hooting VR game …


  1. That is the most true statement I have ever read

  2. 0:54 "The first chapter in the Arkham series" should be translated has: "We killed the Joker, didn't knew what to do next"

  3. i just want to drive a bat mobile sooooooo baaaaaddd

  4. I hope it will have gotham city to free roam in.

  5. my god when troy baker starts talking more he sounds like mark hamil

  6. Once I saw Joker I knew, This shit just got real

  7. the dubstep is strong in this one

  8. if you pre order you can play as deathstroke

  9. I wonder if you're going to be able to play as any other characters like in arkham city

  10. one thing i dont know is it open world game

  11. Damn it! I was going to say

  12. batman arkham games have a better story than any batman movie. they should make a movie trilogy for it.


  14. I don't know, it's just not the same…

  15. no it isnt so bad it could be worse!

  16. I was completely with the trailer until I heard the jokers new voice

  17. Why does batman have Newer/Better armor and technology than in arkham asylum/arkham city? Its supposed to be a prequel isn't it?

  18. That's kevin Conroy's voice tho

  19. Guys this game is coming out for next gen consoles right ? Cuz im only seeing "ps3" trailer .. Haven't seen ps4 trailer anywhere plus graphics should be a little better than this if its for ps4

  20. That isn't Mark Hamill's Joker voice!!!! That sucks, man!

  21. they let them do the game, they didn't lose rights to the Arkham Franchise

  22. Shut up n take my 59.99 … for the Prince of Crime , the Joker !!!

  23. I want Red Hood DLC that lets me kill all those freaks.

  24. How do you know that? Did you ask Rocksteady face to face? Rocksteady still have the rights! Just wait until December's Spike 2013 VGA's and Next year's E3 2014 Quizkid!

  25. roger craig smith is voicing batman

  26. This is for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Vita

  27. Nope. 360. Where are you people getting these rumors.

  28. He's actually right. It's been confirmed and Kevin Conroy is doing Bruce. They never lost the rights, the director moved on, not the company.

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