Choose the control scheme that’s best for you

When batting in Baseball Superstars 2020, there are two main options to choose from control-wise. One allows you to hit simply by tapping a button. The other lets you control where you swing the bat in the strike zone while you pull back on the bat and follow-through. 

This seems obvious but make sure to start with what you feel you’ll be comfortable with. I understand that some players may want a challenge right from the jump, but try not to go with something that you feel you’ll struggle with early on. Now, some will view it as a challenge, and if that’s the case, then feel free to go with the manual-style control. 

However, if you’re new to baseball games, going with the simple tap to hit scheme is the best. Eventually, maybe you want to graduate to the advanced layout. In the meantime though, feel free to enjoy slapping the ball around with the tap control. Just make sure your timing is on point because pitches can come at you at weird speeds.

Use your powers at the right moments

One of the amazing things about Baseball Superstars 2020 is that you will be able to utilize powers to your advantage on the field. This really brings out the epicness of the game and can have a major impact on the course of a game.

Many of the characters will change into a different form of themselves when these specials are activated. A player can go from being an adorable little guy to becoming a huge lion ready to smash a home run. Both pitchers and batters can utilize this, leading to some epic battles.

As you play along, the ability will be available. These can lead to automatic home runs at the plate or dazzling pitches if you’re on the mound. You don’t get these opportunities all of the time so try and use it wisely. Maybe you’re in a position where the game is tied. Get a chance to break the tie with a special hit or if you’re pitching, strike your opponent out with your super pitch.

Pitch in the corners

When on the mound in Baseball Superstars 2020, there are a few steps to throwing your pitches. First, you need to select the pitch you want to throw. Then, you need to aim where you want to throw it. And finally, you need to watch a gauge for throw power. 

So overall, it’s similar to other baseball games but it is slightly different. But one good rule of thumb is to try and aim for the corners of the strike zone. Not even necessarily the corners, but just aiming in the tight spots of the zone to keep the hitters guessing. 

Don’t be afraid to dish a pitch a down the middle on rare occasions too. But, be wise and showcase that terrific accuracy of yours. And then, as we talked about; go ahead and unleash that epic special ability when you feel the time is right and you’ll have them swinging out of their shoes. 

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