Owning the land

You will get points for barking at other dogs, peeing on trees (even if you don’t own them) and using power-ups efficiently, but at the end of the game, how many trees you own matters most.

Once the game wraps up you’ll get six points for each tree painted with your colour, and that will be the biggest deciding factor in who wins at the end of the game.

The other points do matter, of course, but it’ll be hard to fight against a dog who owns three trees at the end of the game no matter how many you earned.

Efficient movement

You will most often be running between the fountain and the trees, but you can actually move and drink at the same time.

If where you are moving to is behind the fountain, the dog will run close to the fountain, but not stop moving. You drink water while nearby – you do not have to stop at the fountain to drink.

This means in this moment you can tap the button to drink quickly, and find yourself on the way to the tree with a full bladder without ever wasting a moment.

Powering up

The power-ups are incredibly helpful in a number of ways, but tree defense is absolutely their primary use.

The power-ups include items to use like extra barks, double running speed, poop, pee, and more. The use of double speed is obvious, as long as you don’t waste it to stand while drinking or peeing.

The poop and pee is excellent, as they can be used as a repellent or a stun. Leave them on the fountain, or better yet the trees, and it will protect them from enemy capture for a time.

Bark, bork, woof, waff

Bark. This is your primary move, and you may even get a second bark to use, or a super bark, from power-ups.

The bark repels enemy dogs, and is actually a great tactic. It can be used to stop dogs from drinking enough water while at the fountain, or to stop them from peeing.

The small bark interruptions can actually cause massive issues for you or the enemies. You should be careful not to get barked at, and to save your barks for ideal moments.

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