Auto Brawl Chess from Panoramik Games is available now for iOS following its Android launch earlier this year

Auto Brawl Chess is now available for iOS devices having successfully launched on Android earlier this year. As you’ll infer from the title, it’s an auto chess game that also looks to include elements found in RPGs, idle games, CCGs and MMOs.

It will see players commanding a plethora of different heroes, each of whom will bring their own talents to the battlefield. As they progress, they will unlock additional abilities and earn new equipment to wear into battle. There will be over 60 of these heroes to discover.

With such a high number you’d expect a variety of characters which will include the likes of Brave Knights, Divine Deities, Powerful Elder Dragons, and Evil Elementals. Through collecting, players will be able to upgrade these heroes into legendary variants and strengthen them further with gear that they craft in the Forge. This promises deep customisation options.

Auto Brawl Chess will include a variety of different modes that offer PVP, PVE and even AFK game types. One PVE mode will be called Journey and will be a story-based affair where players will discover the lore of the world the game takes place in.

Meanwhile, the PVP modes will be split into Casual, Ranked, and Insane variants, with each match lasting three minutes. This will provide a good opportunity for players to test out their tactical nous alongside learning the best synergies and formations for the large roster of heroes.

Aside from that, there will also be a mixture of daily and weekly quests for players to complete. Meeting these objectives will net players bonuses and chests that may include in-game currency, hero cards and equipment among other rewards.

Auto Brawl Chess is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.
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