Astalo: Some tips for this fast-paced slashing action game

Feel free to be wild

OK, so I know this sounds really silly, but it can be helpful. Being wild with your attacks and just staying on the move, can have you taking out enemies in no time. You can pace yourself if you want and that’s totally fine. But, sometimes, a little misdirection can come in handy. 

In order to take out the monsters, you need to simply move in their direction, and watch them fall at your hands. Sometimes enemies will fire projectiles, so this just gives you another excuse to keep moving. Plus, it makes things much more satisfying. 

I say this because of how fast you can beat all of the enemies. You’ll feel truly powerful. I know that’s cheesy, but the combat in Astalo is solid. This makes the “wild” strategy a bit more fun. In the end, however, if you want to take things slower, then, by all means, go for it. However, if you want a more button masher experience, then this is the time to do it. 

Don’t die

Yes, this sounds immensely obvious, but in most games, you are given multiple lives to survive. In Astalo, it’s a one-shot deal really. You have one life to complete as many levels (floors) as possible. It’s essentially like an endless runner with this concept. 

Now, the good thing is that you are able to “continue” if you die. However, the catch is that you need to either have coins or watch an ad (gasp). You probably won’t have enough coins to start so your best bet may just be to watch the ad (I know, I know. Sorry). 

Having the ability to continue won’t last forever though. Usually, after a couple of deaths, you won’t be able to move forward. You’ll only be able to quit or start over from level one. So hang in there for as long as you can and don’t die, warrior.

Take attributes into account

In the beginning, you start off with two characters to choose from in Astalo. One being the Paladin and the other being the Warrior. Each character has their own attribute ratings. These are for three specific skills. One determines how much damage your character can deal with while the other two effect speed and pace (time slows down slightly before you go for an attack).

Think about which abilities matter to you the most and pick that character. If you’re big on damage, then both the Paladin and Warrior are great options to start out with. There are several other fighters that can be unlocked, but you’ll need to earn some coins.

There are some really solid characters in the game. The cheapest one to unlock may also arguably be the best in the game in the Ninja. Maxed out speed and pace to go along with solid damage, and you have an all-around beast.

The most expensive in the game is Death (yes, the Grim Reaper) but is also extremely good. He’s just kind of slow, but both damage and pace are maxed out. Overall, he’s probably the best character in the entire game if damage is what you’re looking for. But, if you want an excellent budget character, then the Ninja is great. That said, there are a ton of amazing ones to unlock and all are fun to use. Check them out and see which one you like best.


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