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Miitopia – Official Hilarious Adventure Trailer

Cast your friends, family, or anyone you choose in Miitopia, and embark on a quest …


  1. "and what did we learn today?"

    "Never take your eyes off a viking, no matter much you think you've won"

  2. When he said oden is with us it should have boomed

  3. PewDiePie must LOVE this game.

  4. People saying Viking doesn't fit with Assassin Creed. The whole story with Assassins Creed is power struggles throughout history, this fits exactly into this with the fights between the tribal peoples/viking (free, assassin) and the monarchy and the creation of England (Power, Control, Templar.) You appear more annoyed by the fact it's Viking because there's literally no other logical statement.

    The Vikings and many Tribal peoples used Guerrilla tactics/Ambushes throughout the centuries to win battles. Thick dense forests, hills etc.

  5. Can you do another lego war stop motion please

  6. Vikings:we need advertising
    Ubisoft:not a word more

  7. It would’ve been cooler if it was just a Viking game like the new assassins creed games aren’t even about assassins anymore it’s just dudes with fucking hidden blades the last actual assassins creed game was syndicate and then origins came along and then is was people with hidden blades

  8. 2:15 Raider dies Berserker cries

  9. this is going to be awesome

  10. If anyone knows the quote “I am uthred son of uthred” and like this comment you are destined for Valhalla

  11. I was waiting for a voice-over to say: "I am Eivor, son of Eivor."

  12. That wasn't Odin, that was Medivh 😀

  13. I know this is a thematic trailer, but this game would be amazing if all the cut scenes looked like this, goddamn it looks awesome.


    Ubisoft made the wrong song choice here, pull up Sabaton's song "Swedish Pagans" in a separate tab, make sure this video is paused/starting right at the beginning (muted, obviously) and skip the part with the king giving the war order. (1:001:15 3x right arrow clicks) WHEN DONE RIGHT THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!

    Edit: OMG their song "Lion From The North" works too, without any cuts.

  15. 00:40 Let's keep it real, a legit viking would've slaughtered that family

  16. Eh.
    Nothing shown here will probably be in the game. Or it will be watered down if it does make it into the game.
    And it is just a CG CONCEPT trailer. No ingame gameplay or anything game related.
    The trailer music is godawful and boring, too.

  17. They need to make this a movie

  18. this is basically the game for vinland saga

  19. Looks promising. They should really change the name though. It seems this game relates in no way to the Secret Order of Assassins. Story looks more like revenge than a struggle between control and free will.

  20. Did they steal alot of this from the show vikings🧐

  21. Looks sick af but is still a cinemayic andwho knows how simple request controls are

  22. Holly cow The graphics are fvcking amazing

  23. wtf are these graphics


  25. if this is really the level of graphics in game, then bravo ubisoft, bravo.

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