Assassin's Creed Origins Launch Trailer

Explore Ancient Egypt and the beginning of the Assassin Brotherhood as Bayek in Ubisoft’s latest assassin adventure.

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  1. من احلى الالعاب اللي العبته بحياتي كلها

  2. Anybody here in 2020 ? Bayek is the character that deserves a sequel man wtf

  3. Type into youtube THE CODE YOUNG TRAVELS
    I will be playing this game for the rest of my life.

  4. Like of you came back to this trailer after seeing valhalla trailer

  5. Screw the haters, AC is still amazing

  6. one day, they'd better make a remastered version

  7. They are the first the first to call themselves the Assassins

  8. Give this man a sequel already.

  9. is this trailer cpyright, i want to use

  10. Love this game! Egypt Forever!

  11. ಠಠ trailer —> O gameplay —> .

  12. It’s too late now but this trailer is soo good and lit!

  13. appart from the reaccuring degenerate liberal propaganda this game plays amazingly

  14. This game looks amazing and I really hope to play it next year. I remember the good times playing the Assassins Creed series. It's one of my favourites.

  15. What is the music in this trailer?

  16. Missed this "Sorry, the bonus mission is blocked… unless you pre-order"

  17. As always dont be fooled by this over produced trailer. Ubisoft trailers are always better than the actual games. You're not fooling anyone ubisoft this game will never be as epic as this trailer made it seem. I'll pass.

  18. I can't to get my copy on early Thursday while everyone else will be waiting until early Friday morning hours early though my mail box. 😉💟💖💙💗

  19. Wait, if this is the beginning of the brotherhood, doesnt that go against canon? Supposedly, Brutus was an assassin and Caesar was a templar which predates this story. Why didnt we get that story instead. Could you imagine playing as Brutus? That would be sweet!

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