Aruna’s Adventure is an upcoming retro-inspired action-adventure game that’s heading for iOS later this month

Aruna’s Adventure is an upcoming action-adventure title for indie developer James Swiney that’s heading iOS devices on September 23rd. It’s aiming to be a nostalgic trip for fans of early 90s action-adventure games.

That means you can expect an 8-bit pixel art aesthetic – which you can check out in the embedded trailer below – and a focus on exploration alongside combat. Players will take control of blue-haired heroine Aruna and her fairy companion as they embark on a journey to save the world from the Dark Lord who is infesting the land with monsters.

Along the way then, there will be a host of creatures and bosses to battle alongside dungeons to plunder with many secrets to discover. According to Swiney, there are over 400 scenes to make your through that are split across 3 large overworlds and 6 lengthy dungeons.

The boss fights promise to provide a decent challenge and so it may be necessary to buy new gear in the shops found throughout the land. This will be purchased by collecting coins by beating enemies or finding chests that will be scattered across the game world.

Although Aruna’s Adventure is very much retro-inspired, Swiney has also decided to include more modern conveniences. For instance, the game will constantly be auto-saving so you won’t have to fear losing your progress.

It also supports Cloud syncing for your save data so you can move your progress between devices. In addition, Aruna’s Adventure will launch with full controller support and the option to play the game in 120fps on iPad Pro.

Aruna’s Adventure is heading for the App Store on September 23rd. It will be a premium title that costs $4.99.
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