Arknights’ latest update introduces a new story chapter, Operators and a theme song produced by Steve Aoki

Following a string of recent events and side stories, Yostar Limited’s popular tower defence title Arknights has now received a major update that continues the Main Storyline. This will be called Partial Necrosis and there’s also a new theme song that’s been produced by DJ Steve Aoki.

Chapter 6 – Partial Necrosis then will see players learning more about the current state of the world alongside the struggles people are facing in Lungmen – Rhode Island and the Reunion side. It follows on from recent reclaiming of the L.G.D building. You can check out what’s to come in this chapter by watching the embedded trailer below.

Previous bosses Faust and Frostnova will once again stand in player’s way as they try to go about their business. This time around, however, they’re more prepared and will be more powerful than before, requiring new strategies to be bested. Beyond that, players will also head to Chernobog battlefield where they’ll fight against the Yeti Squad.

There will also be three new operators to collect. They include the 6-star Guard Blaze who is capable of attacking multiple enemies. Meanwhile, there’s also 4-star Sniper Ambriel and 5-star Sniper GreyThroat, who is highly adept at dispatching multiple aerial enemies.

There will also be a host of new outfits and furniture sets, as there often is with any Arknights update. One of these outfits will be for Cardigan and can be obtained for free with as a 7-day login reward. There will also be the Rhodes Island Workstation furniture set which will be available in the store until July 21st.

Arknights is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.
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