ARKNET: Singularity is a stealth-action-adventure game from Berlin-based indie developer Reija GmbH. It’s available now for Android and will see players embark on a quest to free mankind from an artificial intelligence that’s turned evil, as they always seem to do.

To begin with, players will be able to control a drone inside the ARKNET system but as they delve further into the game an intruder will provide them with a plethora of new powers. Using these newfound abilities they’ll be able to uncover the threat that ARKNET will pose to humanity if it’s not stopped in time.

The SECUNITS players will encounter inside the system are designed to terminate any intruders on sight. That means sneaking around them may be the best course of action before taking them out with a stealthy strike using the Dash Pulse. However, if staying completely undetected is preferred, the Cloak might be a better option.

The game takes place over 80 different levels and promises a captivating storyline alongside exciting gameplay. It will constantly switch between more action-packed sequences and puzzle-based sections to keep the pace of the game feeling varied.

It plays out from a top-down perspective, giving players ample view of the stage to more easily plan their approach before executing it. You can check out some gameplay from ARKNET: Singularity in the embedded video above where you’ll be able to see the mixture of enemies and obstacles you’ll come across throughout the game.

ARKNET: Singularity is available now over on Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with various in-app purchases.
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