Arkheim – Realms at War beginner’s guide: Tips and tricks for an easy head start

Are you ready to ascend into Eternal Light? Arkheim – Realms at War, Travian Games’ team-based strategy game, is out now on iOS and Android, letting players engage in massive 15 vs. 15 team-based strategy battles with cross-platform play. With its stunning hand-drawn art style and deep tactical combat, there are plenty of reasons to dive right into the fantastical world of Arkheim, and we’ve got the lowdown on how you can hit the ground running.


Build your town and seize control of supplies

The most important thing you need to focus on during the early game phase is to build your town in Cornicula. As an Ascendant, you are gifted with special abilities you can use to nurture and prosper your settlement. It’s crucial to upgrade resource production buildings such as the Lumberyard, Crop Field, and Iron Mine to boost your town’s supply. Supplement this with Foundry, Mill, and Sawmill enhancements when you can.

If you feel like you’re strong enough to venture out into the world, you can opt to attack Goblin camps and Goblin barricades for extra resources, as well as upgrade your Supply fields regularly on the map. Supply Fields are essential sources of income, and you should work with your team to free them and level them up as soon as possible!

Construct Towers (and dismantle them) with care

Don’t simply dismantle, construct, and upgrade your structures willy-nilly – it pays to be prudent when making these decisions, as strategically building Towers lets you maximize their ability to cover as many Supplies as possible. If you need to, you can dismantle inefficient Towers, then build them again in a different location.

When it comes to upgrading Towers, it may be tempting to upgrade everything as soon as you’re capable but remember to upgrade only the ones you intend to keep. Doing so will help them produce and hold more Orbs. Your Leaders can also choose to enhance Towers to increase their influence.

Choose your troop units wisely

Arkheim – Realms at War’s character designs feature gorgeous art styles that might make you want to recruit every single troop unit out there, but remember to choose the right troops for every mission. You’ll be engaging in large-scale real-time tactical battles, and each unique race will have its own perks that can turn the tide in your favor on the battlefield.

For instance, you’ll need to use anti-goblin units for PvE to take advantage of their bonuses. The best units in the early stages of the game provide a +70% bonus against Goblins. When it comes to PvP, you can experiment with other units, making sure that you’re faster (initiative) than the opponents you’re faced with. Be sure you use the most effective troops against your opponent! For example, using anti-cavalry units against an enemy’s cavalry for maximum damage!

When in doubt, train and research

Of course, the best way to deal as much damage on the battlefield as possible is to make sure your Warlords and units are powerhouses. For Warlords, focus on using the Training Grounds whenever you can. Equip Warlords with items that provide an XP-gain increase. You can also boost their Morale to enable them to fight longer, thus helping them gain more experience points. Then, engage in exhilarating team-play to give your Warlords a test run.

For your units, you can upgrade them by researching them in the Academy. Each unit type can be upgraded up to level 10. This will take time, but each upgrade will increase the strength of that unit type, which will make your upcoming wars even more devastating for your enemies! For maximum impact, don’t forget to coordinate and communicate with your Realm what Warlords and units you will use for upcoming battles. Victory in Arkheim is only possible by working together!

“In Arkheim – Realms at War, team-based gameplay is an essential part of a Realm’s success and one of the many core mechanics making Arkheim such a unique experience for new players and veterans to the genre,” says Holger Miller, Game Director for Arkheim – Realms at War. “Constant communication and strategy are required, with real-time consequences to those player-driven decisions and actions. Players can easily form new Realm alliances or break them, creating a tense, competitive atmosphere on the battlefields of Arkheim.”

For even more tips, visit the knowledgebase for more in-depth tips

Eager to get started? Arkheim – Realms at War is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play today.

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