Arena M is a PvP adventure RPG with space-time travel, out now in select countries on Android

Funny Bear Studio has just launched Arena M’s open beta in select countries on Android. They have also released a few redeem codes to give you a jump start.

About the game

Arena M is a PvP adventure arena-based RPG filled with 100+ legends of 5 planets with more than 50 distinct battle scenes that promise to satisfy your senses. It has been developed and published by Funny Bear Studio.

Arena M is set in a mythical world where, thousands of years ago, the witches in the Dark Ring discovered the secret of space-time travel. Using this knowledge, they built a time portal that can connect with other planets. You will take on the role of the Commander assembling forces to send into battle. You can collect different heroes and equip them with powerful armour and weaponry. As you win battles, you will get additional credits, which can be used to level up your fighters.

After completing a mission, you will also get a new hero. These heroes differ in rarity and skills. With every upgrade, they unlock more skills and increase their power.

Arena M is now available in select countries on Android

Arena M has just released in selected countries. Players from the Philippines, Australia, Canada, United States and a few more countries can now get it from Google Play.

However, the developers have confirmed that it will be available on both Android and iOS worldwide in future. But it’s unsure whether this current open beta will expand to more countries or not. You can check out the game’s Facebook page for the latest updates.

Arena M redeem codes

To celebrate the launch of Arena M in select countries, the developers have shared a lot of redeem codes that players can use to claim exclusive in-game rewards. You can use the codes ‘aa888’, ‘aafacebook01’, ‘amfb01’ and ‘amfb02’ to get rewards like summon scrolls and diamonds as rewards.
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