It’s Friday once again and that means it’s time for another Apple Arcade update. This week, five of the service’s existing games have received content drops of varying sizes, and as always, I’ve split them up into a neat list for your reading pleasure.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is the latest game to hit Apple Arcade, and here’s a link to our full story on its launch if you’re interested in learning more. So, without further delay, here are this week’s updates:

Charrua Soccer

Batovi Games Studio has updated its casual football game, Charrua Soccer, with a new team creator that lets you build your own teams from either an existing roster or from scratch. You’ll be able to alter the names and appearances of each team member, and the customisation options also extend to their initial stats.

Now, you’ll be able to help your amateur team rise through the ranks and gradually go pro within the game’s career mode.

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light now boasts an additional playable character known as Peridot. Another story chapter has also landed that contains over nine stages and some all-new environments to enjoy. Beyond that, today’s update introduces more side stories, enemies, achievements, and more.


A giant update for atmospheric adventure game Inmost has also arrived today. You’ll now be able to explore fresh locations, take on tricky new quests, and escape the clutches of deadly foes never before seen.

Dear Reader

Dear Reader now offers new research assignments with a daily challenges system and plenty of gameplay-altering awards.

No Way Home

SMG Studio’s No Way Home’s latest update is pretty huge, adding a new arcade feature that contains multiple modes where you can earn tokens that can be exchanged for fancy skins.

The Roguelike Arcade Mode gives you the chance to draft weapons as you progress, while Arena Arcade Mode is designed as a late-game experience where you’ll work to achieve the highest possible scores. Then there’s Local Co-Op play, which is where you can control your pal Matey and partner up with another player for some fun times.

And that’s it for this week’s updates. Be sure to check in again next Friday to stay up to date on all of the latest additions to Apple Arcade’s growing library.
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