Door Kickers: Action Squad puts you in the shoes of a SWAT trooper tasked with kicking in doors, blasting bad folks and saving hostages. We decided to send our App Army in to see how they’d get on. 

Here’s what they had to say:

Jerard He

At first, you will think of this game as a no brainer, kick doors, kick ass. But boy it’s god damn hard. Personally I love the challenge it offers and lost track of time playing. Customizing your loadout and skills makes this tactical and strategy gameplay fun. Like an actual SWAT team, you can’t just rush in and be unprepared.

If the gore is too much for you, you can switch it off in options, and boy I love the music. It takes me back to childhood days playing my Sega. There are another 2 game modes to try out, zombies mayhem and infinity tower, both to test out your skills and tactics. With this price, for the replayability, it’s totally worth it!

Oksana Ryan

Sometimes less is more and in the case of this game, I think it might be the screen size. On the large screen iPad, the controls were not in the right place for comfort which made it awkward to enjoy the game for any length of time. This meant it took a while before I could progress beyond the first stage.

The game itself is fun – lots of shooting and rescuing to be done. The graphics are retro pixel style and the background music fits in well. After my slow start, I did get into the swing of the game and progressed nicely while collecting points to improve weapons and armour. Definitely a game I’ll return to when I have a few minutes to spare.

Robert Maines

I so wanted to love Door Kickers. I’m a great fan of action platformers and this game’s 2D retro visuals look great. Gameplay consists of going through various buildings, kicking down doors, killing terrorists and saving hostages.

Problems start with lack of instructions, it took me ages to work how to play the game properly. Then there are the controls, the touch screen controls make moving clunky and lead to you being killed over and over again.

I connected my PS4 controller to my phone but the game didn’t support it. Also, the game is rock hard, which makes finishing the early levels a struggle and turns playing the game from fun into a chore. So I can’t recommend the game. The developer really needs to add controller support and tweak the gameplay so the game can be an enjoyable experience.

JT Hernandez

A small area side-scroll type action game. Choose your gun and gear, then run in to save hostages and kill the enemies. The levels are difficult. Part of the difficulty is simply that your starting gun is horribly inaccurate and has a fair chance to kill the hostage too. Reloading your gun is a hindrance, and forgetting to do so has killed me more times than I care to admit.

Fortunately, even your failures provide an experience which you can use to level up your character. Completing levels earns you stars which you can use to buy better gear. Pixel art graphics and sound are decent, giving it a classic Konami feeling. Controls are pretty simple, but jumping/dropping off a ladder ought to be easier.
Great if you’re up for a challenging run-and-gun game.

Ed Davis

An interesting experience on a phone. The gameplay generally feels quite smooth and I enjoyed the pixel art that helped the game feel a little more quirky. The controls, however, are a different story. The touchscreen controls work okay for simple directions but when it comes to jumping, they fail massively, especially on a small screen. They become fiddly and unresponsive which led to some irritating and unnecessary deaths.

The game feels challenging at times but this challenge can be due to the lack of control over the character. Definitely better with a controller.
A little refinement and the game would be a great addition to anyone’s library but maybe look elsewhere where a controller is more easily accessible.

Roman Valerio

“MISSION FAILED” – that’s what an in-game brutal voice kept telling me time and time again as I struggled mightily to become a seasoned SWAT team member. But alas, this task turned out to be an absolutely unfeasible one for me and as of this writing, I’ve only managed to complete a couple of levels. At this point in my gamer’s life I am so used to playing this type of games using a gamepad that I could hardly get the hang of touch controls despite them being quite responsive.

There is no doubt that a lot of blood, sweat (or should I say “swat”) and tears have gone into the creation of this sequel to that brilliant original Door Kickers game, however, this new chapter is pure grind fest, which lies far beyond my typical mobile gaming preferences. Also, did I mention that the designer’s decision to make Door Kickers: Action Squad look very retro with those eye-burning heavy pixels contributed to my frustration too?! Now you know.

Quincy Jones

Chaotic fun with guns! A welcome distraction for me that has some good points. I Loved the pixel art, even though it made it hard to sometimes see certain things it’s so much fun mowing down pixel bad guys. The music made me think of old school arcade games like Robocop cop and definitely set the right tone.

The action while crazy was a lot of fun and never did I feel so frustrated that I wanted to quit because I couldn’t get past a certain point. I hated the controls!!!! Man, what a buzzkill I struggled with basic movements sometimes at the worst possible moments and would often end up open to getting slaughtered. Still, for what the game is about it’s not a bad ride that’s worth a moment of your time.

Brian Wigington

The game is essentially a 2D SWAT-style action game. The levels are non-linear on that you can many times choose how to enter rooms to get the jump on the bad guys. Your task is to rescue the hostages and hopefully not lose any. I admit I died a LOT the first 20 minutes or so. I eventually started paying attention to the controls and play mechanics such as breaching doors to stun the bad guys. There are many upgrades to your character such as improve your aim skill for a quicker refresh, better aim, more ammo, etc.

As you rescue hostages you gain access to perks like armour, health boosts, and others. The game is seriously addictive as I replayed several levels multiple times to try different tactics. The controls are a bit challenging when things get tough but I noticed the developers just added a patch that allows control customization and resizing. I need to try the new options to see if I can find a happy medium. The animations are great and the levels so far have lots of detail. I’m off now to play some more and hopefully suck less! Thanks for the opportunity to review the game!

Steve Clarke

Kick in a door, smash a window, get shot, die, get XP, level up, rinse, repeat. That’s DKAS in a nutshell and boy is this one tough nut to crack. That’s not to say it isn’t a whole lot of fun, it definitely is, and despite some slightly twitchy controls, it’s one I heartily recommend you check out.

Muhammad Khalid Hasan

Well, this game is very hard but it needs getting used to. The main problem I suffered is with the controls, because of it it’s getting even harder! The thing which I like about this game is it’s retro music style and graphics, which is enough to hook oneself up to play this game.

There are three modes, in between them I like the classical mode, killing bad guys and saving the hostages. But it can be pretty boring to do the same things over and over again. Other than that, this game is great and I heard devs are working on adding different control setting to make the game feel easier.

Makara Nou

It seems to me that this game is more about strategy and plan than action. Your job is to save the hostages. And you need to understand the criminals’ strengths so that you can take them down. Or, you will be killed by the faster/stronger ones. And it’s also important to know which door to go through first. It’s hard to kill them without hurting the hostages. That’s why I say you need to play strategically.

Michael Purdy

Damn this game is hard. It controls well and I love the visual style and music. But every mistake is punishing to an extreme. Forgot to reload? Dead. Didn’t fire as soon as the door opens? Dead. Enter a floor with an enemy on either side? Dead. Oh, you accidentally shot a hostage? That takes health so you are probably dead.

That said, the gameplay is fast and fun. It’s designed to fail constantly and gradually gain levels to make it easier. Reminds me of a roguelike in that way. Of the three-game modes, I found the zombie invasion mode to be the most fun. Balancing the hostage saving with fighting a growing number of zombies is intense. And infuriating lol.

Controlled better on iPhone than iPad.

Chad Jones

This game runs smoothly, looks great and hard as heck. I’ve played the first game this company released and this one is completely different (but in a good way). There is no tutorial, no hand-holding and the touch controls are alright but I really wish they would utilize Bluetooth controllers. I tried both a ps4 controller and an 8bitdo pro controller and was a bit surprised they didn’t work. I think with a controller I would have a bit more luck at winning and more control.

3 game modes, the classic, the zombie mode (which makes the classic about 10x harder with a ton of zombies spawning as well as the villains you take out. There’s also an endless mode. Maybe it’s me but I would like an easier version too or some sort of difficulty slider. With that and Bluetooth controller support, I can only really give this a 2/5. I was really hoping for a real winner but I had nothing but frustration with this and will be anticipating any future updates to see if they improve.

Vasilis Doulos

Door Kickers: Action Squad is what you get when you mix a platform game with RPG elements and a lot of humour. Its levels require quick reflexes but some thinking too. You must always find the best course of action if you are to save all the hostages. And that’s because this is a hard game that will punish your mistakes.

The only complaint I have is the lack of a tutorial. You have to pretty much find out about everything as you go and on the first few stages, you’ll make a lot of mistakes and die quite a few times because of mechanics the game didn’t explain. Other than that, when you get the hang of it and know what you’re doing it’s a very good and strategic action platformer.


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