Anti-Fraud Platform Releases Comic Book About eCommerce Fraud Prevention

A new comic book all about eCommerce fraud prevention was commissioned and released by Covery.

Covery is a global risk management platform helping online companies prevent fraud and mitigate risks. The company specializes in KYC automation, device fingerprinting, user events analysis, and user risk scoring that help to solve fraud typical in low- and high-risk industries.

According to UK Finance Frauds and facts, there are £310.2 million of e-commerce fraud losses that took place on cards in 2017. Efficient and comprehensive fraud prevention is a compelling need for most e-commerce businesses today.

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For that purpose, Covery has released the 3d edition of a comic book about eCommerce fraud prevention that will be helpful for risk managers, payment managers, AML professionals, and business owners to understand how fraud prevention truly works and to discover the most modern risk and fraud management tools.

In the e-commerce edition “Once upon a time in Zamazon” you’ll read about Zamazon – the leading European e-commerce platform based in Oslo that has never seen such a huge fraud attack. The company calls a superhero to stop the villain with his phishing attacks, bots, stolen credit cards, and other outrageous actions.

Previously, in the Intro” and “iGaming” comic book editions designed by Covery, the stories of Covery’s platform creation were published, as well as the story of the great battle of Ben with Frodus, attempting to stop King’s Casino on the way to responsible gaming.

Read the comic book here

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