Another Road is a tricky endless racer from the Game Director of A Plague Tale: Innocence

Kevin Choteau’s Another Road is an isometric endless racer that challenges you to get as far as possible on its randomly generated roads while keeping your fuel meter topped up and vehicle in one piece.

Despite the game’s name, this isn’t just any old road. No sir, it’s packed with all manner of obstacles and hazards for you to skillfully avoid, including giant crushers, blockades, and more.
There are a dozen varied vehicles to purchase with your hard-earned gold coins, and they get progressively weirder as you go along. There’s a tank, forklift, school bus, F1 car, mobility scooter, and tractor, to name a few. These all handle differently and have their own health and fuel stats, adding some variety to runs.

It’s a tricky little game, that’s for sure, though I’ve enjoyed my time with it so far. The total lack of ads and IAPs is quite refreshing, especially given that it’s a runner, and its presentation and various tunes are appealing.

Interestingly, Kevin was the Game Director of last year’s critically acclaimed A Plague Tale: Innocence, which took players on a grisly adventure across 14th-century France, at the height of the Black Death.

Known for its terrifying rat swarms, nightmarish horror sequences, and emotional storyline, it really couldn’t be more different than Another Road. Still, it’s always cool to see console and PC developers branching out and taking an interest in mobile gaming.

Another Road is set to launch for iOS sometime in April. As I say, it’ll be a premium title priced at $1.99. I’m sure it will please fans of the genre or those who fell out of love with it due to any F2P monetisation woes. An Android port is yet to be announced.
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