#AkiRobots is a quirky and colourful 2D puzzle platformer that’s available now for mobile

#AkiRobots is a 2D brain puzzle platformer from developer FlatPonies that’s available now for iOS and should soon release for Android and Steam and too. It will see you controlling multiple characters at once as you try to guide them through the levels.

The characters you are controlling are the titular Aki Robots, with the aim of each level being to guide the red/pink robot to a socket. The other robots under your control will all have different functions you’ll need to consider as you try to move through the stages. It promises easy to understand controls that anyone can quickly get to grips with.

Some will act as pushable blocks that you can move around to reach higher places whilst others behave more like conveyor belts that can be used to traverse left and right or up and down, depending on the set up of that particular robot.

There are 100 levels to make your way through, which will increasingly become more tricky with different robot variants being thrown into the mix. Once you’ve completed those, become stuck or just fancy a change of pace you can delve into the level editor.

Here you’ll be able to remix one of the existing levels or make an entirely new one from scratch. Once you’ve built your stage you’ll be able to share it using the level code system, meaning that players on any of the platforms – iOS, Android and PC – will be able to try and beat your creation.

#AkiRobots is available now over on the App Store whilst Android users can pre-register their interest on Google Play and Steam. It should appear on both sometime today. Meanwhile, on iOS it is a premium game that costs $4.99.
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