9 AI, Analytics, and Automation Products at InfoComm 2019

InfoComm 2019 in Orlando showcased the most innovative technology that the AV industry has to offer – and in today’s digital world, that means new capabilities that push systems further than ever before. We saw a number of solutions incorporate artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation capabilities on the show floor.

Check out the video above to see some of these products in action, and continue reading to learn more specifics about the products in the video and more products out on the show floor.

More AI, Analytics, and Automation Products from InfoComm 2019:

Kramer Control

Kramer Control is a cloud-based software solution – migrating all setup logic to the cloud and leaving Kramer Control “brains” on the premises. As the industry moves to AV-over-IP, matrix switchers will go by the wayside, and Kramer sells the encoders and decoders with soft codecs that will remain for AV systems. Kramer Network is an enterprise management solution and a virtual matrix switcher for those encoders and decoders.

Bogen Communications C4000 IP-Based Paging & Audio Distribution

Bogen Communications was previewing its 2.0 feature set of this BEST Award-winning solution at InfoComm, which builds upon the Nyquist C4000 application software and purpose-built appliances that provide audio mixing, amplification, distribution and third-party device/system integration.

The enhancements center around the need for better safety and security, with aspects like a map overview of rooms and green/red/gray colors to convey if they are vacant or occupied during an emergency situation.

“I don’t care whether it’s a school, a commercial facility, a hospital, we’re seeing increased incidences where facilities need to go into lockdown, lockout, shutout and all that – so that really is what drove our 2.0 release of the C4000. It was all about enhancing the safety and security of whatever institutions the system was installed in. One of the things we did to accommodate that was this whole concept of being able to ‘check in,’” says product manager Ken Venuti.

Nortek Security & Control BlueBOLT 2.0 IP Power Management

BlueBOLT has been a long-standing solution for integrators to remotely monitor, diagnose and manage systems from devices connected to Furman and Panamax power products. NSC rolled out major updates with its 2.0 version of the popular platform.

Along with a refreshed UI, enhancements include: Watchlist, to enable tagging of high-priority locations and devices; Super Search, with faster search engine to find customers, locations and devices; and Advanced ADMIN, to manage access rights for individuals and groups.

“I can type in a location and quickly find it in Search, and that’s important when a dealer has hundreds of locations this helps me get to that quickly,” says NSC senior marketing director Bill Hensley.

Regarding the system overall, he explains, “Because I’m able to now solve problems before a customer even knows, it’s easier for me to put you on a program where you’re going to pay $10 a month, or $100 for system maintenance and that recurring revenue opens up opportunities for dealers.”

Logitech Sync

The new Logitech Sync allows the IT department to remotely monitor, manage, and gain insight from Logitech devices in the conference room. Logitech’s recently announced Tap product is a good example.

It’s a touch-panel device that plugs into a PC and works with Google, Microsoft, or Zoom, with a consistent user interface. Sync fits into this story by addressing the market for scale – not hundreds, but thousands of devices.

The management works through a browser interface, and IT admins will be able to cut back on-site visits and trouble tickets thanks to the insights gained from the platform. Remote monitoring and management also simplify tasks like firmware updates, while the architecture readies users for new insights.

BrightSign BSN.cloud

BrightSign BSN.cloud completely changes the way users manage BrightSign players. It includes Control Cloud, Management Cloud, and Content Cloud. Control Cloud is a free subscription service that securely connects and sends down setup packages to players.

It also allows users remote diagnostics, real-time health info, and more. Management Cloud is a fee-based, data-driven cloud service delivering management tools that collect and stores data about performance measures. Content Cloud is a fee-based service that adds media library and content feeds, presentation management, scheduling, and content distribution all in an extremely intuitive and flexible user interface.

SiliconCore Lotus 0.83mm Fine-Pitch LED Display

Featuring 2000 nits of brightness and a cool running temp., the Lotus 0.83mm display consumes up to 50% less power compared to similar displays of its kind, the company says. It features SiliconCore’s latest feature, LISA – a proprietary process that guards the high density LEDs and ensures color uniformity and a long lifetime. Its cool surface is dust and water resistant which makes it very durable and suitable for touch and custom install applications, with a very close viewing distance. A 4K resolution display can now be achieved at 144” with a smooth, touchable surface.


This monitoring software for videoconferencing “eliminates troubleshooting by 90%” and saved one company over $1 million, says VisibilityOne.

The VisibilityOne platform provides real-time data and system health status information across vendors and cloud services. After downloading and installing the VisibilityOne app, which is supported by the Microsoft Windows workstation and Server operating systems, companies only need a single app per building or location.

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