5 reasons to play Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate

Machine Zone has a few mega hits under its belt already, including Game of War: Fire Age, Mobile Strike and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. The company’s most recent game is a strategy MMORPG set in the besieged world of Horizon – a place you’re tasked with saving (with a little help from friends). Here are five reasons to play Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate.

To become the hero Horizon deserves

Crystalborne features an age-old-tale of good versus evil. Horizon, a world of floating islands, has been invaded by General Kaine with the aid of his Marauder army. The heroes that once protected this land have been trapped in magical crystals. But one woman, Odette, is destined to lead the revolution, take back lost territory and free the prisoners from their crystal cages. You must guide her to becoming… the crystal breaker (cue dramatic music).

For the battle system

Turn-based battles are a classic element of the RPG genre and feature throughout Crystalborne. Take your chosen deck of heroes into diverse battle arenas, trade blows with your foes and time your special attacks to take out the toughest of the pack. Varied attack animations provide plenty of visual flair, and enemies come in all shapes, sizes and battle formations. You’ll never be far from a challenge.

To build your guild

In addition to story mode, Guild Conquest is a chance to form a guild with other players and compete with rivals in a quest to take Horizon’s throne. In this online mode, you can choose to forge allegiances with other guilds, or save the glory all for yourself as a lone guild. Either way, players who favor online competition over story progression will be kept entertained.

For the hero collecting

Crystalborne features hundreds of colourful heroes to collect, with frequent new arrivals to unlock. As you flit from battle arena to battle arena, you’ll come up against tough competition. Victory often depends on you being strategic with your hero selection, skill tree upgrades and resource management. Odette can only get so far with her trusty fire blade; she’ll need the best of the best fighting at her side. You will need to pay attention to their individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as your party’s combined power compared to that of your enemy.

To uncover Horizon’s mysteries

Horizon is made up of many mysterious islands in the sky. As you explore these territories, completing missions and fending off foes, you’ll discover more about the history of this place, and Odette’s part in its future. Meet all sorts of strange characters, venture into untamed territory and find out what’s driving General Kaine’s ambition.

To begin your adventure in the skies, download Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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