5 iconic Middle-earth locations you should look for in The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War

Adventuring in the realm of Middle-earth can often be a gargantuan feat, but it can also be a rewarding journey filled with joy, resources, and rewards. In The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War every player will get to experience this world in their own way, depending on which Faction they join – some will get to grasp at the towering Mordor Gates, while others will enjoy just a casual stroll along the River Lune in Lindon.

All of these locations are key to The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, and they’re definitely a side and personal objective every player can look forward to. In this article, we’ll explore five iconic locations from Middle-earth that are as fascinating as you might imagine if you’ve read the books.

#1 – Dol Guldur

Dol Guldur is the fortress Sauron used under the name of “The Necromancer”. This location is one with beautiful outposts and typical architecture that makes it stand tall and fearless in the face of incoming attacks.

What it gives and where you can find it

Ring Power: 1720/h
Location: Amon Lanc (1151, 1331)

#2 – Eagle’s Eyrie

The home of the Eagles, Eyrie is a secluded location based atop of the Eastern side of the Misty Mountains. This location is easily accessible all throughout Carrock if you have the power to take them on.

Capturing this location will grant the player access to Eagles, a special unit that is both powerful and sought-after for their ability to mitigate melee damage and for their speed and damage dealt.

What it gives and where you can find it

Ring Power: 640/h
Location: Carrock (several locations)

#3 – Carn Dûm

The capital of Angmar, Carn Dûm is a majestic fortress serving as home base for the Witch-king. This citadel served as a central hub for many battles, but eventually ended up falling after being attacked by the Dunedain of Gondor and the Elves of Lindon.

What it gives and where you can find it

Ring Power: 1320/h
Location: Angmar (666, 1438)

#4 – Dunharrow

The fortified Rohirrim refuge called Dunharrow is located on a clifftop in the White Mountains, the ideal location for the horse-masters to regain their forces right before a battle. Capturing a Dunharrow will unlock the Oathbreakers, an extremely powerful unit that is basically immune to Physical damage.

What it gives and where you can find it

Ring Power: 310/h
Location: Lamedon (several locations)

#5 – Hobbit Camp

The Hobbit Camp is probably one of the easiest to find locations, as long as you’re playing as one of the good factions – especially one located near to Celduin Vale. This iconic location offers the player who conquers it Hobbit Slingers, a unit that works great as a supporter.

This is by no means a location that will greatly increase the Ring Power, but it will grant a great unit that will give troops a chance to become damaged instead of dying right away. It’s a great cost-effective unit and camp, worth adding to the collection – and it looks spot-on too!

What it gives and where you can find it

Ring Power: 40/h
Location: Celduin Vale (several locations)

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