3pt: 3 Point Shooter Challenge: Tips and hints to help you drill shots from downtown

Take advantage of Practice Mode

Although 3 Point Shooter focuses solely on one area of basketball, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to master even though it’s simple to pick up. That’s where the nifty practice mode comes in to play. Take in as many rounds as you like without worrying about completing certain goals. 

This game is all about timing. Having your shot meter on “perfect” or close to it is the ultimate goal. Otherwise, you’re likely going to miss it. Heck, you’ll miss them sometimes even when it’s close to perfect. When you do get that green release, those shots will go in every single time, just like in NBA 2K. 

The best part about the practice mode is that you’ll be able to earn some cash while you work on your game. How nice is that? Getting paid to practice. You can then use your money to get some cool gear which we’ll talk about later. So get in there, sharpen your shot, and earn some cash. 

Complete Missions

Missions are like the juice of 3 Point Shooter. There are three of them per city you visit. Complete them, and you’ll not only earn some bonus rewards, but you’ll unlock the next location. These missions work essentially like side challenges, although they are important. 

It could be something like “get two perfect releases in one round” or “knock down four shots in a row”. To start out, the Missions are pretty simple. However, as you go, things will get a tad harder, but not overwhelmingly, fortunately. 

If you complete 14 Missions, you’ll unlock the awesome Night Mode for the game to give you a nice change of atmosphere. But, the Missions in this new setting will be much more difficult so be ready to shoot the lights out. If you aren’t worried about them, then just enjoy your new environment. 

Head to the store

3 Point Shooter has a nice selection of customization options for your baller. From shirts and pants to shoes and even tattoos, there are plenty of options. Arguably the coolest customizable option are the basketballs. There are some really sweet designs for you to unlock. 

As with apparel, you make these available as you go along on your globetrotting hoops adventure. Once you start to earn things, feel free to have some fun and mix, and match your apparel to suit your style. Choose a cool ball to use when you’re drilling long-range buckets. 

The nice thing is too is that there are a fair amount of free items to grab up early one. Yes, sadly you may have to watch some ads, but at least the stuff is free. For the basketballs in particular, there are plenty of cool country flag designs that are totally free. These are some great options to start out with, and a fun way to represent your country. 

Avoid air balls and brick balls

Listen, you’re going to miss shots. That’s just how it is in these streets sometimes. But, if you’re going to miss shots, at least give yourself a good chance to make it by getting that meter in a solid position. Try to avoid getting airballs and brick balls during rounds.

I say this because the majority of Missions will require that you get neither, so definitely try your best. It can be tricky at times though, as the old slipping of the finger or thumb on your phone may cause you to do so. Or sometimes you may just be late on your release.

The shot meter moves pretty fast so it’s easy to accidentally launch it a little too late, causing brick balls. So just be careful not to get any and you’ll be checking off some Missions nicely.

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